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We are cerchia, a Swiss fintech company. Establishing access to a USD 2 trillion market opportunity. Enabling direct transfer of event risk between protection buyers and protection sellers. Applying distributed ledger technology allowing demand/supply-driven pricing through a decentralized market place. Offering the most cost-efficient, scalable, transparent and secure solution


Apart from health care aspects due to pandemics, massive economic losses due to interruption of businesses in aviation, hospitality, retail and other sectors are still largely left uncovered. Timing of compensation is critical to sustain businesses and livelihoods.

Wind Storms

With climate change, hurricanes have become less predictable, as they tend to more rapidly intensify.
When a hurricane hits a certain spot, you need instant liquidity to sustain expenses, whether there is damage to your possessions or not.


Precipitation in forms of rain, snow, hail leads to various scenarios with or without damages. Tangible damages arise from flash floods, landslides and alike, however, pure economic loss scenarios are hardly insurable. An example is heavy snowfall covering solar panels, leading to temporary interruption of power generation.


Classical earthquake insurance focuses on damages to property, whereas losses from non-damage business interruption are hard to insure. For example disruptions to trains and traffic alone lead to economic losses and additional expenses for stranded passengers.

Water Levels

Extreme water levels not only create physical damages, but trigger vast interruption of business with accompanying losses. Supply-chains can be cut, for example halt of river shipping upon river gauge levels reaching low or high water marks.

Air Pollution

Wildfires or volcanic activity are not only hazards to air quality, but can lead to disruption or adjustments to supply chains. Besides revenue losses in hospitality, entire aviation and air traffic has to be grounded for extended periods of time.